International Buddha Dhamma Conference kicks off from today


Kathmandu, Jan 4 (RSS): The International Buddha Dhamma Conference (Dorje Shugden) has started from Thursday.

Organised by the Nepal Rastriya Dorje Shugden Samaj, the three-day conference is focused on promoting Buddhist literature, preaching and philosophy, and ways to bring together the followers of Buddhist religion in the world, said the organisers. A total of 80 representatives from various 20 countries including Nepal, India, Mongolia and Italy are participating in the conference.

याे पनि पढ्नुस  बुद्धको जन्मस्थलबारे भ्रम चिर्न समन्वयको खाँचो

Speaking on the occasion, Defence Minister Bhimsen Das Pradhan acknowledged the Buddhist philosophy as spreading a message of peace, non-violence, fraternity and harmony, while saying the Nepal’s constitution has granted freedom of religion.

Likewise, former minister Krishna Gopal Shrestha lamented the failure on the part of the government and Nepali people alike to spread the Buddhist literature and philosophy to its maximum limit.

याे पनि पढ्नुस  गौतम बुद्धको जन्मस्थलको अकाट्य प्रमाण पेश

The Samaj’s Chairperson Basundhara Shrestha expressed hope that the conference could help maintain and spread a message of peace and unity around the world.

Prakriti Pandey/RSS

कमेन्ट गर्नुहोस्