Deadly mudslides in California, 15 dead, hundreds missing

A day after mudslides crushed several Southern California homes and left at least 15 people dead, rescuers faced a difficult task Wednesday as hundreds of people remain cut off by debris in one neighborhood and others are still missing, officials said.

Phillip Harnsberger crosses through mud from a flooded creek on Sheffield Drive in Montecito, Calif., following heavy rain, Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2018. Multiple people were killed and homes were torn from their foundations Tuesday as downpours sent mud and boulders roaring down hills stripped of vegetation by a gigantic wildfire that raged in Southern California last month. (AP Photo/Michael Owen Baker)

Heavy rains early Tuesday caused rivers of mud and debris to run down from hillsides in Santa Barbara County, demolishing homes in the seaside community of Montecito.

Mud fills the interior of a car destroyed in a rain-driven mudslide in a neighborhood under mandatory evacuation in Burbank, California, January 9, 2018.
Mudslides unleashed by a ferocious storm demolished homes in southern California, authorities said Tuesday. Five people were reported killed. / AFP PHOTO / Robyn BeckROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images

The rainfall came just weeks after a massive wildfire stripped the landscape of vegetation that might have made the area more flood-resistant.

On Wednesday morning, 300 people were trapped in the Romero Canyon area of Montecito because debris was blocking their way out of the neighborhood, Santa Barbara County spokeswoman Yaneris Muniz said.
“We can’t get to them, and they can’t get to us. … Once we have daybreak, you will see helicopters start rescuing people there,” Muniz said.

याे पनि पढ्नुस  पहिरोले आधा दर्जन बढीको मृत्यु,पूर्वपश्चिम राजमार्ग अवरुद्ध
A member of the Long Beach Search and Rescue team looks for survivors in a car in Montecito, Calif. on Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2018. Several homes were swept away before dawn Tuesday when mud and debris roared into neighborhoods in Montecito from hillsides stripped of vegetation during a recent wildfire. (Daniel Dreifuss)

Latest developments

• Deadly storm: The 15 deaths were reported in Santa Barbara County, authorities said.

• More missing: Muniz said it’s unclear how many people are missing, but searches are ongoing. Earlier, officials said at least two dozen people were unaccounted for.

• Hundreds of calls: As the storm hit hard between 3 and 6 a.m. Tuesday, sheriff’s office dispatchers handled more than 600 phone calls for assistance, Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown said.

A firefighter clears debris from a mudslide as heavy rain falls in Los Angeles, California on January 9, 2018. The deadly storm claimed the lives of 13 people in Santa Barbara County. Flash flooding also occurred in the recently burned areas of Ventura and Los Angeles counties. (Photo by: Ronen Tivony) (Photo by Ronen Tivony/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

• Rescues: Dozens of people have been rescued in Santa Barbara County, officials said. The US Coast Guard says it used helicopters Tuesday to collect people from rooftops, including a couple and their three children — an infant, a 3-year-old and a 7-year-old — in Carpinteria.
A Coast Guard helicopter crew pulls a person onto a roof after mud flowed through the house in Carpinteria on Tuesday.

याे पनि पढ्नुस  मध्यपहाडी लोकमार्गको पर्वत–बागलुङ सडकखण्ड अवरुद्ध

A Coast Guard helicopter crew pulls a person onto a roof after mud flowed through the house in Carpinteria on Tuesday.

• Road closed: US 101 in parts of Montecito and Santa Barbara will remain closed for at least 48 hours because of the muddy debris covering it, authorities said Tuesday.

• Intense rain: By Tuesday, more than 5.5 inches of rain had fallen in parts of Ventura County over two days, the National Weather Service said. In Carpinteria, nearly 1 inch fell in 15 minutes, the agency said.

Mud flows leaves a van stuck in the mud along La Tuna Canyon road in the Sun Valley neighborhood of Los Angeles, on Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2018. Homes were swept from their foundations as heavy rain sent mud and boulders sliding down hills stripped of vegetation by Southern California’s recent wildfires. (David Crane/Los Angeles Daily News via AP)

A police vehicle drives across a flooded side road near the San Ysidro exit of US 101 in Montecito on January 9.

याे पनि पढ्नुस  अमेरिकामा फेरि चल्यो गोली, गयो छ जनाको ज्यान

‘River of mud’

Thomas Tighe told CNN affiliate KCAL he was outside his Montecito home and heard “a deep rumbling, an ominous sound I knew was … boulders moving as the mud was rising.”
He saw two cars moving sideways down the middle of the street “in a river of mud.”
Peter Hartmann said the destruction was everywhere.

“There were gas mains that had popped, where you could hear the hissing,” he told the TV station.

“Power lines were down, high-voltage power lines, the large aluminum poles to hold those were snapped in half. Water was flowing out of water mains and sheared-off fire hydrants.”

Photo/News: CNN

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