Tanker drivers call off protest

Biratnagar, Nov 20

Nepali tanker drivers who brought fuel transportation from Barauni of India to a grinding halt as part of the protest have called off their move since Monday evening.
The tanker drivers had resorted to agitation after the Indian security personnel beat Monu Kumar, driver of tanker (Ko 1 Kha 6009), on the way to Nepal from Barauni at Jogbani of India on Saturday.

In protest of misbehavior from Indian security personnel, the agitating drivers had halted fuel transportation for three days.

याे पनि पढ्नुस  पूर्वाञ्चल विश्वविद्यालयको रजत महोत्सव पुस १९ मा

Among the demands put forth by the agitators include taking action against the Indian security personnel beating tanker driver, putting to an end the misbehave meted out against Nepali drivers, ensuring security to drivers and seeking alternative route to the existing heavy traffic road.

The fuel supply comes to normalcy from Monday evening after the Indian side pledged to not repeat such misbehavour to Nepali tanker drivers by admitting the mistake. The Indian side realized its mistake at a meeting between the officials of Nepal and India at Jogbani of India on Monday.

याे पनि पढ्नुस  ३३ किलो सुनप्रकरणका प्रमुख मध्ये एक घले जेल चलान

Petrol pump sealed

A team from Nepal Bureau of Standards and Metrological Regional Office Biratnagar sealed the Khusbu Fuel Suppliers of Okhaldhunga for alleged irregularities and cheatings on the sale of petroleum products. With this, the transaction of the Fuel Supplier has been put on hold.

The team headed by regional office chief Shambhu Jha had sealed the petrol pump after fraud was detected on the sale of petro products with the use of software (chips) on the instrument of the supplier. In course of monitoring, the team found that the petroleum product was being sold out in sub-standard weight.

याे पनि पढ्नुस  पूर्वी क्षेत्रका लागि कोलकाताबाट रेलमार्फत सामानको आयात शुरु

According to Jha, the suppliers, owned by Krishnaram Makaju, was found cheating 280 ml diesel in the sale of every five litres and 135 ml in every five litres of petrol. RSS

कमेन्ट गर्नुहोस्