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२०७६, २५ भाद्र बुधबार

Politics and longevity

Arifa Noor ROBERT Mugabe, who died recently, stayed in power in Zimbabwe for decades after the country gained independence — ...

२०७४, २१ पुष शुक्रबार

New court declaration, worst days for Vijaya Mallya

NEW DELHI: A New Delhi court on Thursday declared India’s flamboyant tycoon Vijay Mallya a “proclaimed offender” for failing to appear ...

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Was 2017 a bad year for capitalism?

It was the year the UK stock market broke through a price barrier it set back in 1999. The unemployment ...

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Prabhu Bank issuing 40% right shares from Magh 7; Offer ends on Falgun 13

Prabhu Bank Limited (PRVU) will be issuing 10:4 (40%) right share to its shareholders from Magh 7, 2074. As per ...